Pinkertons vs Space Wolves 500 pt

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Pinkertons vs Space Wolves 500 pt

Postby thewordofblake on Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:52 am

500 pt league game

I brought:

Libby lvl 2 (Feel No Pain Warlord Trait)
5 Sternguard
5 Tact ML
5 Tact ML

He brought:
1 WGBL Runic Armor, Pair of Claws (Outflank Warlord Trait)
1 WGBL Runic Armor, Eviscerator? +1s/AP3 Chainsword
8 grey hunters
10 grey hunters plasma gun

He said he spent 501 on the list. I'm not sure if I left anything out, or if the numbers on the GH is quite right. I know he had 20 models on the field, with 2 of them being Battle Leaders.

We deployed 3 mysterious objectives each. I won dice roll, had him go first. Played on a 4x4. He deployed the Eviscerator and Plasma gun Unit into ruins. Held the other unit and WGBL in reserve. I deployed Sternguard inside rhino on center of my field. Libby and both Tact squads were in ruins on my right side of field, with the Razorback between them and the Stern. The other rihino was on their right. I failed to seize initiative.

Activated Objective, Reroll 1s on Shooting. Advanced his Evis BL and squad toward my cluster, failed to do any damage with shooting.

Activated Objective Libby was on, Reroll 1s Shooting. I advanced the SternRhino toward the squad, positioned the Razorback to fire on it, advanced Rhino2 towards 3 objectives, reaching first one which was nothing. Failed to summon any daemons. Shot his squad with everything, killed 2 or 3 guys. FIRST BLOOD!

Evis squad advanced further into some ruins on his way to me. Pair o Claws BL and his squad Outflanked, landing right behind my two Tact squads and Libby, with the Libby being the closest target. They unloaded their guns, and my Sir Looked Out while the Tact squad passing all but one save.

I pulled my SternRhino back towards the squad towards the cluster. Rhino2 moved forward activating a second Objective, which was Sabotaged. None ML guys ran around to help me with wound allocation in the Tact squads. Failed to Summon any daemons. At this point, I was going to tell him I have Hit and Run. I realized all I said at the beginning was that I was playing Codex Marines, and didn't specify a chapter. I had been contemplating White Scars for Hit and Run or Iron Hands for FNP. Ultimately, I decided the right thing to do was truly be CODEX MARINES, IE Ultramarines, as I forgot to specify and that may have changed how he handled things. I looked up the ability while he was explaining it to me. I decided to go ahead and use the Tactical Doctrine. I unloaded everything on his squad and left it with the WGBL and 2 or 3 WG. Sabotaged objective deals a glancing hit to Rhino2.

He advances his Evis Squad towards everything else and Positions his Clawed Warlord and its two ablative wounds for the charge. Shoots at the Sternguard with his Evis squad, does nothing. Shoots at the Libby and his 4 remaining Tact with the other 2 Greyhunters, nothing. Charges with his WGBL and the 2 Grey Hunters and issues a challenge. My Bolter wielding Tactical Sgt accepted the challenge, no matter the odds, because it kept the Libby alive. Claws deals 3 wounds, killing Sgt and two guys. The 2 GH don't wound. I take out the GH on my swings. Sabotaged Objective does nothing to Rhino2.

My Sternrhino moves towards an Objective. Sternguard move towards advancing GH/Evis squad. Rhino2 does nothing as the glorious commander forgot about him. The other Tactical Squad moves up to join the Libby and 1 remaining Tact Marine in combat with his Warlord. Librarian goes Jedi. Sternguard take out a few of the advancing GH. Razorback and Rhino2 shoot at them, do nothing. Assault with Tact2. His Warlord issues a challenge, the newly arrived Tact Sgt accepts for the Libby. Warlord kills 2 guys. I swing with Librarian first, 3 hits, 2 wounds, 1 failed save, SPLOOSH his warlord gets ran through by my lightsaber. I roll a 4 for consolidate for both groups. Libby and Solo advance towards his table edge. Survivors from Tact 2 head towards the GH and Sternguard. Sabotaged Objective does nothing to Rhino2.

Things are a little blurry at this point. I had been up for 25 hours when we finished the game. At the end of the game, He had Slay the Warlord. I had Rhino2 in his deployment zone, 3 Objectives claimed and First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and I tabled him.

I have mixed feelings on the win. Yesterday was the "third" time he had played. He's played multiple games each time (I was his second game yesterday), having a total of 7-10 games, I don't recall exactly. Very new to the hobby.

The way Dice rolled could have made a huge difference. Most notably on my end, every time I tried summoning, I'd only roll a single success. My Librarian did make most of his FNP rolls, too, over 50% of them, so that was huge in my book. My late game rolls also had lots of 1s and 2s. For him, his WGBLs kept hitting air, a lot. 1s and 2s.

It was a fun game, and it seems he learned a lot from it. His game against Sisters of Battle before our game was the first time he'd faced a vehicle (Immolator?). Although, overall, my 3 rhino-chassis didn't do anything but eat 125 points. :( That actually makes me feel worse, I tabled him with 25% less forces.

Oh, his stuff was all painted. Mine is still being assembled. That lit a fire under my ass to keep motivated. I spent all night saturday at work making bases, cleaning legs, and attaching them. I just barely got the torsos attached before the game. I laid missile launchers on the ML guys. The SGTs had distinct bases, but didn't take any gear. The Sternguard were Mk3 armor. The Tact were mk4 armor. And the Razorback is las/plas, but I ran it as TLHB.
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