World Eater vs Ultramarines throwdown campaign.

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World Eater vs Ultramarines throwdown campaign.

Postby Roathe the Bloodied on Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:33 am

Game one. Planetstrike. Mission - Planetfall. 2000 points
Attacker: World Eaters - Roathe the Bloodied.
Defender: Ultramarines - Marneus Calgar.
(Sorry to not include turns, trying to rush)
Win to the World Eaters. Fairly Crushing.

Khorne Lord Termie Armour Daemon Weapon (Roathe)
Khorne lord with wings, daemon weapon, plasma pistol, melta bombs
10 Terminators, 7 power fists, 1 chain, 2 power weapons, heavy flamer, autocannon
24 berserkers
5 raptors, 1 power fist
5 possessed

Chapter Master (from other Chapter [destroyed by World Eaters, story line])
4 Honour Guard all with Relic Blades, Chapter Banner
20 Normal Marines, 2 power fists, 1 heavy bolter, 2 plasma guns, 1 plasma cannon
8 Assault Termies (Thunder hammers)
5 Sternguard
Dready with Heavy Flamer, DCCW
5 Devastators, 1 Plas Cannon, 1 heavy bolter, 1 lascannon, 2 bolters

Notable moments:
1. 12 Firestorm shots, reducing Ultramarine forces to insufficient numbers.
2. 5 Assault termies charging 5 Possesed Marines. Ending in one for one. (Terminators were 'distracted' according to their owner)
3. All Khorne units, bar 1 berserker unit deployed first turn.
4. Centre stage combat being Roathe + 10 Termie Champions vs Marneus Sicarius, Chapter Master + Honour Guard (Ultramarine Charge, Tied combat) Reinforcements for World Eaters annahilating Command Unit.
5. Khorne Lord with wings, wounded once by laser maze. Stabbed himself in the eye. and killed when jumping through a building wall and being punched in the face by a power fist.

Marneus takes down Roathe, Roathe takes down Chapter Master and Honour Guard.

Roathe gains one point from Khorne for effort.


In total. Good Game.
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Re: World Eater vs Ultramarines throwdown campaign.

Postby Leonar the Insane on Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:29 pm

Oooo I would have loved to play that game.. not sure I would have done as well as you though.. 8 terminators :?

Well Done! looking forward to more.
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