The retirement of the Throne of Skulls

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The retirement of the Throne of Skulls

Postby World Bleeder on Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:13 pm

Hi guys,

It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce the end of the Throne of Skulls. After more than a decade I feel it is time to put the site to rest. Our numbers are few now and I have a $400 bill pending to keep the site running that I can no longer afford to pay. This has been a wonderful, safe place on the net where a lot of like minded people from all over the world came to share their passion for this niche hobby of ours. I've had the pleasure to meet a few of you and made some great friends over the years. Forums are going the way of the dinosaurs though and there is already a ToS on Facebook that was started back in 2009 I hope we can all meet up there one day.

Please take the time to copy any images you would like to keep, the site will be shut down sometime between October 10th-15th depending on how quickly the provider responds.

All the best!

World Bleeder
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Re: The retirement of the Throne of Skulls

Postby Brninghalo on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:17 am

Thank you, World Bleeder, for providing the BEST Khorne focused site on the internet!

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Re: The retirement of the Throne of Skulls

Postby Arbaal on Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:22 am

Thanks for all the work, love and money invested into this site... it was the best i ever saw in the internet, the site itself and the people here.

thanks a lot and see ya on facebook!

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